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Marketsville is a pioneer in ecommerce, digital marketing, and website development.


With over 20 years experience, from starting ecommerce companies to designing and overseeing digital marketing campaigns for multi billion dollar organizations, the company has worked with premier brands including the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

The company is also leveraging it's unique digital asset portfolio to offer fractional ownership, via smart contracts, for some of it's most Outstanding domain names.


Marketsville has extensive experience in the sports sector but also owns and operates websites related to pets, jewelry, domain names, and consulting.


The company owns the ecommerce website, a leading retail website selling labrador retriever themed apparel for people.  The company also owns several other dog breed domains including and that are undeveloped.


Explore owning fractional interest of pet domains at


The company has amassed the largest portfolio of premium jewelry domain names in the world, specializing in highly searched product domains like,, and

The company recently launched the digital asset marketplace Jewelry Domains, the leader in buying and selling jewelry domain names online.  Jewelry Domains is also exploring opportunities in the jewelry NFT market.

Explore fractional ownership of premium jewelry domains at

Domain Names

Domain names are the original native digital assets to the Internet.  The proliferation of blockchains and smart contracts allow for fractional ownership of outstanding domain names. 


The company launched to leverage it's ultra premium domain portfolio for fractional ownership.


The company created a network of college ecommerce sites anchored by which was sold to Fanatics, Inc in 2006.  At the time this network of sites accounted for almost 25% of Fanatics overall ecommerce revenue. 


The President of Marketsville, Richard Perel, stayed on board and headed the marketing department at Fanatics for 9 years, resigning as SVP of Marketing in 2014 and began consulting.


As SVP of Marketing he integrated the internal marketing departments of GSI Commerce (2011) and FansEdge (2012) into one marketing powerhouse under the Fanatics brand.


Fanatics secured a $3.3B valuation in 2013, and the private "unicorn" company is now valued around $28B.

Marketsville still owns the most comprehensive portfolio of premium sports domain names in the world, and is interested in a joint venture in the sports arena targeting gaming, fantasy, and/or content.


View the entire portfolio of sports domains at

View sports domains available for fractional ownership at


The company also offers consulting for ecommerce, digital marketing, and development. 


If you need help shaping your online future learn more at

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